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This is a testimonial for the healing I received on Sunday Jan 11th. My blood pressure was extremely elevated and my heart was pounding and my head hurt. I called Lee Jones about 3 pm and asked for help. She gave it and within 4 hours my pressure had dropped 30 points and the next morning had dropped another 20 points and the next day it was nearly normal again. I am very grateful for the help and concern given to me so quickly. Thank you Lee.

Evelyn B

To Whom It May Concern.
I, Teddy Vincent, was privileged to have a healing by Inge Boos during our regular class at the Spiritualist Center in Los Angeles. My ear ache completely disappeared after the treatment. Thank you Inge.
T. V.

Dear Nampima,
Extending a gigantic "thank you" to you and your spirit teacher, Kalina, for the healing you gave my voice. After too much singing in preparation for a callback, I could tell I had hurt my right vocal chord, a specific fact which I purposely described in general terms only as a "damaged voice." Not only did the fifteen minute healing miraculously correct the problem (I couldn't believe it!) and save me a $250+ trip to the Otolaryngologist, but Kalina's astute diagnosis of the right vocal chord as the problem proved to me that Spirit really does exist and that life extends beyond our time here on Earth! Your dedication in assisting humanity is invaluable.


To Whom It May Concern.
I was suffering from years of migraines and was under doctor's care and he had me on strong prescriptions medication that was not helping; it just made my headaches worse. Then I had a healing from Janet Lumley, and I have not had a migraine ever since.

D. V.



To Whom It May Concern.
 I was having pain in my left arm for two years. It was chronic and I was not able to move it fully. I also could not sleep on my left side. My doctor prescribed me Vicodin, Ibuprofen, and Soma which I had to take every day. Twice a month I had intrathecal injections of hydrocortisone. In December of 2010 Adil Ridvan started healing with me. That month I did not go to see a doctor for intrathecal injections because my pain was significantly reduced. By the middle of March 2011 pain in my left arm was completely gone.

 G. M.



To Whom It May Concern.
 I developed tremendous pain in the liver area. The pain was so strong that it was difficult for me to concentrate and to take a deep breath. Paty Elias offered to administer healing to me immediately and I accepted. As Paty and her spirit healers were administering healing, I began feeling a sensation of heat calming energy that relaxed me. After the healing was administered the painful sensations and swelling began to gradually relieve itself. By the end of the evening the pain and swelling had completely dissipated and has not returned. I would like to thank Paty for her compassion and dedication to healing me and to her spirit healers as well.


C. N. K.



To Whom It May Concern.
I was experiencing a severe migraine headache that was affecting my vision. I asked Norma Rodriquez for healing from healers. After the healing was completed the migraine had completely disappeared without taking any medication. I would like to thank Norma and her spirit healers for all the healing I received.



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