Lee Jones

For more than 150 years, the Spiritualist movement has flourished all over the world. Lead by Ms. Lee Jones, the Spiritualist Center™ was founded by a small group of determined and courageous individuals. It all began in September of 1972 in Hollywood, California at Sokol Hall. A Board of Directors was established and the Spiritualist Center™ became incorporated.

Over time our Healing Ministry has grown. All the workers at the Center are volunteers who devote their time and precious spiritual gifts to aid others. In 1979, with the assistance of Reverend Saul Weiss, we became the first church to offer telephone healing. Blessed with incomparable healing powers, Reverend Weiss soon became a staple on the talk show circuit. His first interview was with WHYT Indianapolis and drew more than 100 callers. He went on to become a regular guest host on KIEV and KGIL in Los Angeles. As his popularity grew, he traveled all over the state performing telephone healing. With Reverend Weiss as the lead healer, the Spiritualist Center™ blazed the trail in telephone healing, with a weekly talk show on radio station KFOX which lasted for more than three years.

As we grew, the Center was published in many places all over the world. Today, we receive calls from as far away as Bangkok, Thailand, and South Africa for the services we provide. Most recently, the Spiritualist Center™ was featured on the television series, I Believe:

We have numerous certified healers, mediums, and ministers, with proven accuracy, who work tirelessly and are dedicated to their work. Through Reverend Judy Allaire, we were the first to perform anointed healing. Currently, a special healing service is available to the public and is offered on the first Sunday of every month between 2:00 and 3:00PM at our present location of 6417 Lexington Avenue in Los Angeles. With the exception of this first Sunday, we offer a regular service all other Sundays of the month from 2:00 to 3:00PM, during which messages from Spirit are communicated.

The Spiritualist Center™ offers a Spiritual Awareness class which provides an introduction to the spirit world. After completion of this introductory course, dedicated students can opt to enroll in our on-going Unfoldment classes through which healing and mediumship skills can be further developed. Please visit our Services page for additional details on the services we offer. You can reach us at (323) 856-8646 or e-mail us at spiritualistctr@juno.com if you have any questions.

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